A little about me.

I am a 42-year 0ld mother of two teenagers (don’t you dare feel sorry for me–they are awesome), happily married for coming up on 21 years. Originally, I’m from California. I joined the Army at 17. At 19, I met my soon-t0-be husband, and we served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm as medics. We were married, and I immediately started college. During that time, I had my daughter, now 17, and my son, 15, and then I obtained my degree in English. It’s hard to find a career with that emphasis, though (my aspirations of teaching high school dried up when I landed my first internship, because ugh, other people’s children), so I worked at my father-in-law’s video store until my husband saw an ad in the paper for a GED teacher requiring no more than a Bachelor’s. I jumped on it, and taught in Adult Education for seven years. It’s grant based, though, and that can be problematic. The hours dried up, the cushy, lovely full-time position I’d earned dried up, so I found myself back in school. I will graduate in December with an Associate in Applied Science degree in computer science. Until then, I’m a harried, busy, messy nerd with…chickens.

And sheep. Grumble.

I am Belyanne on Emerald Dream. If you know what that means, hit me up.


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  1. Posted by Dejah on October 20, 2013 at 2:10 am

    “I am Belyanne on Emerald Dream. If you know what that means, hit me up.”

    I have no idea what this means. But I like you anyway. 🙂


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